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Name:Shadow Mods
Birthdate:Jan 27

For many thousands of years, the Nysgods have quietly existed in their solitary kingdom, untouched and virtually unknown to outsiders. The Nysgods are a peaceful people, deeply invested in magic and science. Until now, they have always kept to themselves, separate from the strife that has plagued the mortal realms.

Today, things are changing. 

Tristan, the Nysgod prince, has come of age and he must choose a partner from among the mortal races. In an effort to aid him in this task, the Grasp was created.

Part shadow, part magic, part technology, the Grasp has begun drawing people into the city of Dagaz from all worlds and times touched by the Nysgod people. Your race, gender, age, and species are of no importance. If the Grasp finds something interesting in you, if it thinks you might be a suitable partner for Prince Tristan, you will be found.

It’s looking. And it always finds who it wants.



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